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June 28th, 2014

Part 8 – Comic 16

14 Responses to “Part 8 – Comic 16”

  1. Snowfire Says:


    That happened.


  2. Mr Seb Says:

    Wow, the mum flinched! R.I.P 🙁
    Quetz is going to make her pay for this eventually…

  3. Tory Says:

    I just happened to open my RSS feed,
    Look what I found ;-;
    This is, what I needed.
    So elated your here .

  4. Lara B Says:

    Dear Santa Claus.
    We’ve been good this year. Please get us More Angels 2200! We think Keira’s been good too so she should get some toys and books and stuff she likes too. Also get all the reindeer some good food before they fly all over the world and some good food for the six white boomers that fly over some parts of Australia to give the reindeer a rest.

    Lara Beilby

  5. Debra G Says:

    Just checking in… you know… in case.

  6. Taxil Says:

    No update in a year. Damn, I guess this comic has died.

  7. TheBobHatter Says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish… 🙁

  8. Red Says:

    I mean….a guy can dream that there’d be a update can’t he?

  9. GluteusMaximus Says:

    Hello there
    I just finished binge reading your archives and I just have to say: This is gold. I just love your comic, I love the story-telling, the character developement, the story setting, the action, the dialogues, the art …
    But since you haven’t updated for nearly two years I have to assume the comic is dead now, which would truly be a shame. However I do realise that you already have been on hiatus for a longer time before so I hope it is just on hiatus again.
    But nevertheless, thank you so much for the comic so far. I really enjoyed reading it and I do hope you will continue it. And if not, please give us at least the script or something to read the rest of the story.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  10. Kasper Says:

    I like the idea of a catch-up script if the comic is closed, other comics have done that rather well.

  11. ShanC Says:

    Please just give it an ending.

  12. Lauren Says:

    Please find some way to finish this! I want to see Hammer and Kid reunited! I need that love story to get some closure. ^___^ This has been such a great story, I hope it resolves somehow, someday.

  13. Drake Says:

    Cant belive such a great comic just vanished with out a comment. I mean realy, they just starting the rescue and there it ends? Just like that? Oh boy, thats just so sad.

  14. evil713 Says:

    Speaking from the time of Covid-19. Still nothing new here, going through all my old links, seeing if anyone’s comics are still up.

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