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An Explanation

July 29th, 2011

Hi all,

I imagine you’ve all been wondering when the next comic is coming along. Well, this time I do have a reasonable good excuse. A couple of weeks ago, my workload increased. That’s ok, I’ve worked around that before. Then Keira got Chickenpox. Ok, thats new, but at least its out the way when she’s young.

Then my dad had a stroke. That was a new one.

He’s doing a lot better now (As is Keira) But he’s still hospital bound and there’s a lot of driving around visiting him and making sure mums ok, as well as my normal workload. Things do seem to be settling down into some semblance of a routine now, so hopefully next week I may get some free time (ha!) to work on a comic or two.

Thanks for your patience.

26 Responses to “An Explanation”

  1. Sithspit Says:

    Family first, man…family first. We miss updates, yes, but not at the cost of what you’re taking care of. I hope everyone recovers well.

  2. A_M Says:

    Ditto, Sithspit. Family first. Best wishes!

  3. MrSeb Says:

    Shit does happen outside of the wondrous world of comics. Please do what should be done, and all the best to your dad and your little one!

  4. Silka Says:

    Real life and family come first, complainers be hanged. I’m grateful for the update on your status, of course. 😀

  5. Lara B Says:

    May both your dad and Keira get well as fast as possible, and make sure your dad takes it easy.

  6. Lancelot Says:

    Prayed for ya

  7. ThunderChild Says:

    Family first. You take good care of them. We’ll still be around afterwards.

    Best wishes!

  8. Shepard Says:

    Good luck with your dad. Family always comes first.

  9. Lukkai Says:

    Not to sound pushy or something. But it would be nice to have an update. Not necessarily of the comic, but simply how things turned out. Your folks back among the good and healthy?

  10. anonymous coward Says:

    Come back, we miss you?

  11. Lara B Says:

    I have a feeling Larissa grabbed the gun, shot everyone but Hammer, knocked her unconscious and then pointed the gun up out of the page at Hansagan. Then she said

    “Now you are going to do a million centerfold pictures of me, and all my girls, provided they survive. If they do not survive outside, Then it will be two million pictures of me grieving and burying them all by hand with a toothbrush and a toothpick.

  12. Molly Says:

    Here’s hoping your further extended absence isn’t because things got worse…

  13. Chaz Says:

    Here’s hoping you haven’t given up on the strip…. and everything is getting better in your life. Plz let us know what’s in the works if the strip is going to continue…

  14. Lara B Says:


  15. Eira Lubynski Says:

    Come on….just a little itsy bitsy post?

  16. Colin Says:

    Any chance of an update? Even if it’s just “we are still super busy”.

  17. Crazeyal Says:

    Miss this..

    The fact that spam has been allowed to encroach is telling. Thank you for the art, whatever the outcome.

  18. Bruce Says:

    Will we ever see Angels2200 again? I keep looking for an update and hoping to see one …. 🙂

  19. No1Fan Says:

    I would really like to get an update 🙁 The comic remains one of my absolute favorites…it also won me $256 hypothetical dollars when Hammer came back, so I also have a second attachment.

  20. Bruce Says:

    Another six months since my last comment but sadly no new pages……

    You still do have a fan base. Why not post up some new strips, then try a Kickstarter drive (publish some of the books with the promise of new strips). I reckon you’d do well.

  21. Krabat42 Says:

    Stumbled over your webcomic after spending too much time on tvtropes and had to read it all in one go. Man, you have a great story there, nice characters and your art is getting better and better (that from someone who usually isn’t in the whole Manga/Fanservice/All-female-cast thing at all). Please, let it go on. When Bruse says you still have a fanbase, I say you’re getting new fans too.

  22. Lara Beilby Says:


  23. Deeppockets Says:

    You are alive! The Angels live again! I have been following since the Keenspot days and was most disheartened when real life became so seriously imperitive. Thank you for bringing the comic back and not leaving the characters to a dusty forgotten web-grave.

  24. Sacwriter Says:

    Man, I am so glad I did not erase this link! Really, really glad the girls are back. But the fact that you’ve been posting for over a week now and I’m the only one whose left a reply tells me that it’s still a secret to a lot of your fan base. I think you need to find a way to let everyone know that the Angels are back, I’d hate to see this strip disappear again just because nobody got the word

    Rick in Sacramento

  25. Lara B Says:

    Now we need a note as to why the sudden activity- and Quetz and Mom, knock this woman silly and then take her ship and go get Kid , her sister and Whiskey and GO RESCUE HAMMER (Yay!)

  26. ShanC Says:

    I’d love to see this story continue or at least have an ending.

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