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July 2nd, 2011

Part 8 – Comic 10

19 Responses to “Part 8 – Comic 10”

  1. DarkShinji Says:

    Jesus H. Christ! Wow. I never saw that coming. What will she do?

  2. nobody Says:

    One house cleaning, coming up. The only variable here is if Hammer rises above revenge, earning a place on the crew, or gives in quite understandably to all that pain, and remaining a prisoner. Or I could be wrong

  3. Fabe Says:

    Never hand some one a gun unless you’re sure which way they will aim it

  4. Knightsabre Says:

    Time to find out if the gun is loaded… 😉

  5. MrSeb Says:

    Wow, nasty twist! But it could still be a set up for Carelli as well…

  6. Ouroboros Says:

    Aaaaand just like that, Sasha has a Russian accent.

  7. Ouroboros Says:

    Wait, not Sasha. Larissa. Larissa has the accent.

  8. Lancelot Says:

    Booya !

  9. Echo Says:

    Why do I get the feeling she’s just intended to do his dirty work?

    Best shoot ’em both, just to be safe.

  10. Charon Says:

    As Fabe said, be certain Hammer knows which target she wants to kill more, first.

    But yes… setting Carelli up so it’s her word against his as to the truth of the events that are about to unfold… and for some strange reason, his usual camera, monitoring his office, appears to be experiencing technical difficulties today…

    The decision made in the next few seconds is going to PROFOUNDLY affect this arc…

  11. Flushmaster Says:

    In Hammer’s place I’d find out if the gun was loaded while pointing it at the psycho bitch, then see if it has more than one bullet whilst aiming it at the smug jackass. Any more rounds would be a bonus since she doesn’t exactly have much to lose.

  12. Harbinger Says:

    Thing is if she wants to live shooting Larissa is her only option. if she shoots both of them I doubt this guy’s crew will let her go. And if she shoots him and not Larissa then I doubt his crew is just going to decide to answer to her. Besides something tells me that this is probably a test of her loyalty. That gun might not even be loaded for all we know.

  13. Grendel Says:

    Odds are the guns loaded….but with just one bullet

  14. Snowfire Says:

    On the gun issue, if that’s how this is playing out I’m on the gun being set up with a remote trigger on the guy’s desk. Hammer tries to shoot him, it does nothing. She tries to shoot Larissa and he hits the remote and shoots her.

    However, I don’t think that’s what he playing here. Remember what I said several pages back about this guy playing a much deeper game than most of us are aware of? This is where that starts. Oh this is going to be fun to watch…

  15. Khajjathefang Says:

    I think you guys are overlooking something here. There is a third person Sasha could shoot in that room. Not that I think that will happen (or want it to) Just saying, shes in a pretty dangerous state of mind here.

  16. jedibubbles Says:

    And I think you’re all forgetting that a gun doesn’t have to be loaded to do a hell of a lot of damage. It’s a chunk of metal with a handle. PISTOL WHIP, HAMMER. Power-Monger first, then jump Larissa. Once they’re both down (dead, groggy, who cares), steal Larissa’s clothes and escape in the chaos!

  17. Snowfire Says:

    Touche jedi.

  18. Wrath Says:

    Sorry guys. It’s been fun, but nothing’s happening for over 2 months now. I don’t begrudge the artist having an RL. But after two months of wasting my time checking for an update, this title is being removed from favorites and not likely to return. Best of luck to you.

  19. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    This is no longer worth my time to keep checking. Leaving your readers hanging like this is unacceptable. It was fun while it lasted; good bye.

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