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June 19th, 2011

Part 8 – Comic 9

14 Responses to “Part 8 – Comic 9”

  1. JediBubbles Says:

    I was so waiting for something like this to happen. She’s just their plaything. Poor Hammer.

  2. Echo Says:

    Well, damn.

  3. Lara Says:

    Whiskey and Kid are coming, Hammer don’t give up hope! Keep it hidden, play like you’re broken… Then when they get there, make sure that Whiskey breaks both that man and that woman’s necks for you…

  4. John Says:

    Someone’s going to have to remind me who the woman in the final panel is – it’s been a while since I last saw her.

  5. Lancelot Says:

    I went back and checked, but it doesn’t appear to be the lady that tortured her on the 1 year anniversary…

  6. seanmm Says:

    Ether there has been a coup or this is a situp to get her to kill that woman who i also don’t recanice.

  7. Farseer Says:

    Yea, can’t say I recognize the woman… Past villain from long ago?

  8. HanSagan Says:

    Ok, this is obviously my abysmal artwork causing the confusion…that is Larissa, the Rebel who lost her son on the ‘Ellie Arroway’ and who has been tormenting Hammer for the past year.

  9. toaster Says:

    way harsh. you’re killing me with this story line, brah. i mean, i love it, but sooo harsh.

  10. seanmm Says:

    In that case these is defintaly going to be bad unless she got all the revenge out of her system but I doubt that so poor hammer.

  11. Lancelot Says:

    Sorry bout’ that HanSagan, it’s probably the angle, in the first strip she appeared in, her jaw appeared to be more authoritative. And the hair band.

    I bet the cap’ has instructed her to no longer harm Sasha, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get one last cheap shot in taking the long way back.

    Or it is just more mental torture. Which confuses me (I’m sure my confusion will be un-confused as the story progresses) on his motivation to do so. Unless he is someone whom I consider a truly evil person.

  12. nobody Says:

    With luck, this is a prelude to removing Larissa. The crew’s been able to see Hammer, see that she’s not a monster. What Larissa’s done to her on the other hand, completely unacceptable. Frankly, the whole thing has been a bit surreal since: A) the mission she took him on was one way, they couldn’t have hoped for any of them to make it out alive after delivering the information burst. Then again, maybe they’ve always been that insane. B) It’s a little nuts that the guy hasn’t kept a tighter leash on his crew, so I’m really hoping this is the last bit of rope he’s giving Larissa to hang herself with. C) her crew from the mission hasn’t reminded her at all that it was Hammer that tucked her kid behind the bulkhead and shielded him during the firefight (or I missed it),

    I wonder if they’re gonna put Hammer on trial for the kids death and then show footage from the black box showing how it was Larissa who kept putting the kid in danger while Hammer kept trying to save lives (the kid in the fire fight, not killing the girl who sabotaged the fighters). That would remove a big thorn from his side while making Hammer much more acceptable to the crew.

  13. K!rllk Says:

    Hmm… whatever the situation is, it’s clear the captain’s not entirely in control of it. That’s not the expression of a satisfied man in the last panel. Together with the obvious agitation of the crew, my guess would be that Hammer’s become a pawn in an internal power-struggle.

  14. Oswaldo Saks Says:

    Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also.

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